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The Barnim: A solid future for tourism, health, energy and the metal working industries

Barnim – one name, one countryside, one region. In actual fact, the Barnim is a ridge between the valleys of Eberswalde and Berlin. The name is derived from the Slavic Prince Barnim. His name appears for the first time in records from the year 1232: Nova terra nostra Barnem.
The Barnim has come into the limelight due to the expansion of the EU. With its excellent network of traffic and transport connections the region is seizing the opportunity to become the bridge between Berlin and the north, north-east and Eastern Europe as it is situated on the border to Poland who have recently joined the EU.
The Barnim is a region with great prospects in northeast Brandenburg in Germany and Europe; it also has strong traditions lending impetus to the future of its citizens. The Barnim and the WITO GmbH organisation are strong partners for planning investments, for relocation and settlement or for holidays and short visits. We are keen partners for tourism, health, energy and the metal working industries. You will discover that the Barnim is a region with clear perspectives.

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